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The 5 Most Popular Coaching Careers That Can Set You Free...

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Digital KungFu - The art of selling without selling online

Discover How to Authentically Connect with, Influence and Persuade Your Target Audience By Learning The Art of Selling Without Selling Online - 12 Steps on how to connect, influence and persuade in the digital age using your expertise to establish authority in your respected niche online


  • The art of selling without selling 
  • How to connect with your audiance through stroytelling 
  • The psychology of marketing

How To Create An Online Course

Everybody seems to want to create an online course today. Business owners, coaches, bloggers, entrepreneurs, service providers, infoproduct sellers, bricks and mortar businesses.... you name it.

But no matter how much they'd like to create a signature course, aspiring course builders often get stuck with the the idea in their head, and nothing to show for it. That's because creating a good online course that people will benefit from and buy involves a lot more than just slapping together a few videos. And so many of the so-called course creation programs out there focus more on selling your course, rather than on creating something worthwhile.

It's great to sell an online course, but if the course itself isn't high quality and doesn't deliver results, then your reputation could suffer in the end.

Focused Digital Marketing (N.I.N.J.A Method)

If you try to implement too many projects or marketing strategies at once, you’ll increase stress and burn-out, waste resources, diminish progress toward your goals, limit your results, demoralize team members, and in the worst-case scenario, cause your health to decline.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use a specific formula called The digital marketing “NINJA” method to commit to one approach at a time, and thus gain the benefits of achieving dramatically faster results.


  • Goal setting 
  • Laster Focus

Your Business Online Blueprint - Digital S.I.M.A.C Method™

Your business online blueprint is the ultimate strategy, implementation and marketing program. A simple to follow step by step roadmap to help your business become the go to authority in your respected niche. Based on over 15 years experence complete the right steps in the right order to create a concise online business and create your signature solution utliasing both online and offline business methods for authority positoning.

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